When Zombie Met Sally, the famous cult-classic zombance When Zombie Met Sally, the famous cult-classic zombance (second version) Boiiink band show poster Boyband Journal,a music-biz gossip rag starring Fitzy, of Barry n da Boyz Logo for the Game & Grub, the hangout for the band Mudpit Kulkifish band poster Kulkifish band poster Memory enhancement guide-book for Fitzy Mookie Yoram band poster Pigeon twin band posters  1961 German Government advertisement for abandoned U-Bahn station Bank of the Gulf of Mexico, for Mexico City location EuroAir boarding pass for extras travelling to Turkey from Washington D.C. One of the pieces of permanent set art I had to create for the DPD Headquarters Emperatriz cava (sparkling wine), for one Annie's many romantic scenes Faux NASA logo and Mars Day signs for what we called the NASA episode. One of the more fun episodes to create S-Bahn of Berlin public transportation map recreation from a real map circa 1961 Back street business signs for Tikrit, Iraq. One of them says 'Donuts' Graphic for the USA-ASIA Trade and Tech Summit in Washington D.C., used as a cover to enable a Chinese defection. Various business logos. We had to create so many logos, IDs, badges, and so on. Just a taste. Travel posters Wine label for a family dinner Pinup girl poster in the style of Alberto Vargas Ice cream label Meat capsule Medical machines Bucks football team logo Rock poster for apartment set decoration Travel guide book for Gail

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